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Steve Toohey
Director and Registered Consulting Surveyor
Bachelor of Surveying (The University of Queensland)
Graduate Diploma of Surveying Practice (Queensland University of Technology)
Member of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute Australia
E-mail: steve.toohey@tooheysurvey.com.au

Janelle Booker
Office Manager
Email: mail@tooheysurvey.com.au

Milan Ninkovic
Urban Planner
Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning (Griffith University)
Email: milan.ninkovic@tooheysurvey.com.au

Frank Catrastellero
Survey Manager
Bachelor of Surveying (Queensland University of Technology)
Email: frank.catrastellero@tooheysurvey.com.au 

Jack Kazakov
Registered Senior Surveyor

Erica Leighton